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    I hope to assist you in every endeavor to discover and awaken your inner True Self and allow it to shine through to your outer self and your outer experience. I desire to assist you in nurturing your mind and looking after your body ~ your vehicle for Spirit - and to allow your true essence to be known. You are an integral part of a Higher Plan. 
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At this Website there are many pages that will inspire you to reach out and touch your spiritual self ~ Your Essence......
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In One Heart Judith

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The Eye of the Needle

This is the time to focus on what's important to us as an individual, a citizen of our country and a human being on this beautiful planet.  What's important as we squeeze through the "eye of the needle" to the other and better place?

About Dr. Judith

Seeker of Truth

There have been many attempts to debunk what I have found to be true over the years.  I'm not claiming to know it all, however I do know what I feel and experience and that is my barometer.  This is what I desire to help you to do, decipher for yourself by connecting with your Higher Self and letting life prove itself to you.

Why Work with Me

I am a good listener, so I've been told, never jumping to conclusions based on quick judgment.  With 34 years experience in the field of expanding human consciousness, I use my own intuition and my connection to my  Higher Self to help guide you to find your own answers.  You are a valuable individual to me.  I am interested in your welfare.